Guidelines DNX 

DNX's content products are purely commercial products, where the editorial staff of DN Media Group's publications are not involved. Content Display products are labeled "Advertisement" and DNX Native products are labeled "Advertiser Content." 

The advertiser is responsible for providing one contact person who has the ongoing dialogue with DNX, approves the debrief before start-up, provides overall feedback in the proofreading round and approves the content before publication. 

The campaign period and start-up are agreed between DN Media Group's customer contact and advertiser. The production time depends on which product is purchased, how much the advertiser contributes to the production and that all deadlines are met. A Premium new production delivery has an average production time of 2-3 weeks. Other smaller productions, where the customer delivers content and images, have a shorter delivery time. 

DNX is responsible for delivering progress, quality and content according to the selected product. 

DNX's content producers and editor have "journalistic" editing rights, while advertisers have the factual one. As a general rule, DNX follows Dagens Næringsliv's language and design goals. 

Delays, options for the agreed product or work beyond the agreement are invoiced according to given terms (see price list). 

Travel costs in connection with the production of content outside Oslo are covered by the advertiser, if the advertiser has determined or approved the location for production. 

The advertiser gets access rights to the content on their own surfaces at the same time as the campaign runs on DN Media Group's surfaces. If the content is to be used beyond the campaign period or for other purposes, the rights to photo/video must be clarified and bought out

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