Please send all material to and include order number in subject line.

Newspaper/Magazine/D2: Files must be produced in print ready PDF format with fonts embedded outlined.
Digital ads: Supported file types JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and HTML5.
For more detailed technical requirements

Newspaper: TradeWinds/Upstream: By Wednesday one week before publication. Dagens Næringsliv/Fiskeribladet: 12pm CET 2 days before publication.
Magazine/D2: 12pm CET 3 weeks before publication.
Digital ads: 3 working days before publishing.

Newspaper: TradeWinds/Upstream: 2pm CET Monday before publication. Dagens Næringsliv/Fiskeribladet: 12pm CET one day before publication.
Magazine/D2: 12pm CET two weeks before publication.
Digital ads: 3 working days before publishing.

Please note that the production of print and digital material takes up to 5 days. Please follow the schedule carefully to ensure proper delivery.
We also offer the possibility to order ads through our partners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Newspaper: TradeWinds/Upstream: 2 pm CET Friday before publication. Dagens Næringsliv/Fiskeribladet: 12pm CET 2 days before publication. 
Magazine/D2: 2pm CET three weeks prior to publication.
Digital ads: 3 working days before publishing. 

Cancellations and material delivery after deadline will be charged at full amount.

Newspaper and magazines: Any errors must be reported immediately and no later than 14 days after the date of insertion. DN Media Group's responsibility for any errors in the ad, such as color errors, error in logos, ad not inserted in the requested day, is limited to the cost of advertising. Any replacement advertisement is placed in a subsequent issue of the newspaper/magazine.


  • Payment terms are 10/30 days from date of invoice after which a late payment interest may be imposed.
  • Advertisements of an editorial character and form must be marked "Advertisement" on a separate line at the top left.
  • Advertising supplements and insertions must be labelled "advertising supplement". Enquire about our guidelines.
  • Discount given on the basis of planned volume and frequency will be adjusted if the agreement isn't fulfilled. 
  • DN Media Group reserves the right to postpone the insertion of an advertisement, provided that the text in this is not time sensitive.
  • DN Media Group assumes no responsibilities for errors in supplied material.
  • All ads that are contrary to law, misleading or contain something that DN Media Group believes is contrary to morality, good tone or DN Media Group’s values will not be inserted.
  • General placement: Only ordered premium positions are guaranteed a specific placement.
  • DN Media Group will not bear any form of local taxes charged to the above amounts (such as withholding taxes and VAT.) All taxes should be borne by advertiser.
  • Any forms of bank fees are to be borne by advertiser and not DN Media Group.
  • Please note that DN Media Group allows third-party trackers for statistic purposes only in digital campaigns. The customer must sign an advertising data agreement, click here to view the template.

Fore more technical information and deadlines, please see the Media Guide.

Neither party may transfer it's rights or obligations pursuant to the contract without the written consent of the other party. Resale is not allowed.

FOR FULL TERMS, please see our data policy for advertisers