Electronic material:
Dagens Næringsliv would like to receive advertising material in pdf format with fonts and images included. Information on how to create a correct pdf file can be found at www.nada.no.

The international standard ISOnewspaper26v4.icc can be used.

Resolution of images: Greyscale/colour images: 170 DPI Line images (bitmap): 600 – 1200 DPI (in 100% size - applies to both image types). Maximum color coverage: 240 – 260%. Minimum oppressive point: 4%. Greatest oppressive point: 95%. Achromatic repro gives the best results. Images/advertisements shall not be compensated for point increase. Grid: 34 lines per cm (85 lpi).

All colors must be defined as CMYK process colors. Other color models are not accepted as they are not printable in newspaper.

Positive/negative text:
Black text should not be created in CMYK black, but in pure black. This is to avoid misses.

Small/skinny text with serifs grows in the printing process and is difficult to read.

Positive text: Recommended minimum size 8 pt Negative text (also in colour): Recommended minimum size 12 pt

Try to avoid small negative text on a CMYK background.

File transfer
We prefer NADA as a reception medium. Senders who do not have NADA's sender program installed can use NADAexpress at www.nada.no. This is a free service for the delivery of advertising material in pdf format to newspapers and magazines in Norway. NADAexpress also checks the pdf file for errors before sending it to the media.

When delivering via e-mail, material must be marked with the advertiser and insertion date.

Email: adopts@nhst.com