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Intrafish offers advertising on Mobile, PC, Tablet, live images and sound. We are always up-to-date on the big issues and are up to date with the latest news.

Via Intrafish digitally, you reach a potential audience with strong purchasing power who are decision makers, managers and middle managers who work in and towards the aquaculture industry. Our users read over 17 minutes every day on our pages and are in and read us 1-2 times per day. On a desktop/tablet, the advertising surfaces are a natural part of the page.

We focus on an optimal advertising environment through large and clear advertising surfaces that provide good reading experiences. The advertising spaces attract good attention and, with good content, they are perceived as relevant to our readers. With good coverage, safe and credible context, Intrafish is a good choice for you as an advertiser.

With the optimization options available within geo-management and target groups, all prerequisites are present for you to succeed as an advertiser.