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Material deadlines D2

Booking deadline is three - 3 - weeks before publishing date.
Material deadline is 11.30 am on Fridays two - 2 - weeks before publishing date.

Format (full bleed):
Full page: width 260 mm x height 327 mm (270 x 337 including 5 mm for trim).
Centerfold: Width 520 mm x height 327 mm (530 x 337 including 5 mm for trim).

Submitting material
DN wish to receive all material in PDF format with fonts and images.
Ads are uploaded on our website
Ads can also be sent via NADA. Those who do not havethe NADA program can use NADAexpress at www.nada.no. This is a free service for submitting ad material in PDF format to newspapers and magazines in Norway. NADAexpress also check the file for potential errors before submitting it to the publications.
Resolution: 300 dpi
Color: CMYK
Ads must be cleared for the following format: PDF/X-1a:2001.
Total saturation: 300%
ICC profiles (download bly following the link):
Black/white: SG.4C Gray (GCR)

5 mm bleed for trimming. Text, logo, and graphic elements not to be trimmed should be placed 10 mm within the format.
Minimum enlargement in a color is 6 pt.
Minimum enlargement for multi-color or negative font is 8 pt.
Minimum visible line weight in color is 0.2 pt.
Minimum line weight in multi-color or negative is 0.75 pt.
For optimized deep black we recommend the following color combination: C60-M60-Y60-K100.

Gatefold front
Gatefold D2
Gatefold back
Gatefold Back D2
Butterfly centerfold

Material for gatefold and butterfly gatefold should be submitted as single pages.


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